Weather Forecast House "Musikstadl"
Trenkle Uhren Simonswald

$ 39.01

Wooden weather house Musikstadl with a complete blowing chapel. All figures carry typical traditional costumes. This Weather house shows a typical old Black Forest house. The Musikstadl weather house shows the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This special weather forecast house is handcrafted in Black Forest. It is rich in detail. It called “Musikstadl” because there is a famous german TV series with folk art music.

Height of weather house: 13cm / 5.2inch
Material of weather house: wood
Note: Figures may vary slightly.
Made in Germany

Trenkle Uhren Simonswald Made in Germany

Weather Forecast House Weather Forecast House Weather Forecast House Weather Forecast House
$ 39.01
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